Entrada Departament News 8th Physics Summer School: yet another success.

8th Physics Summer School: yet another success.

The 8th Summer School took place from 2-7 September and brought to the department 66 secondary school students, including 11 foreign students.
8th Physics Summer School: yet another success.

Marko Duric atfer his talk

The school followed the model devised in 2005 by João Viana Lopes and Miguel Sousa Costa, and was organized this year by Carla Rosa and Florbela Martins. Among the 66 students were  four of S. Tomé e Príncipe, four of Macau, one of Mozambique and two of Galicia; the school  organization supported financially only one of the students of St. Tomé and one from Mozambique; all others  had local support to attend the School.

Those present at the session of
supported  of the projects saw, once again, the excitement and satisfaction of students. This year, some of the  parents attended this event and expressed their surprise and admiration for the form and content of the presentations. The 14 projects were supervised by Arlindo Trindade, Jorge Leitão, Arlete Apolinário, Joel Carvalho, Jean Michel Gomes, Marcelo Barbosa, Diana Cunha, João Coelho, Vasco Gonçalves, Manuel Jorge Marques, Carlos Gouveia, Filipe Magalhães, João Belo,  and José Miguel Mesquita.

The three lectures were on the topics of Future Telescopes (José Afonso, FCUL), The Elegant Universe (Marko Duric, FCUP, in english) and Ultra-Cold Matter (Diogo Fernandes, ENS, Paris, a student  of the first edition of the School).

In addition to the usual courses of Relativity (Carlos Guedes) and Quantum Mechanics and Nanotechnology (Bruno Amorim), we had a course on Planets (Pedro Figueira, CAUP).

The guest of the special session was  Dr. Isabel Jonet, president of Portuguese and European Federation of Food Banks Against Hunger; the session was devoted to the important topic of Volunteering

We had the presence of Dr. Maria João Venâncio, representing the University of Huambo; she acquainted herself with the Physics and Mathematics schools
s on Tuesday and spent the entire day Friday at presentations. The purpose of this visit was to prepare a similar activity to pursue at the University of Huambo in 2013.

As usual, the Rector of the University of Porto and the director of FCUP, were present at the end of the morning session of presentations. The afternoon session was attended by the executive director of Ciência Viva, Ana Noronha.

The direction of the DFA appreciates the efforts of all monitors, of
the project proposers, of the lecturers , and of the organizers, Carla Rosa and Florbela Martins, who managed to turn  this event, once again, into one of the most prestigious activities of our Department.

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