Entrada Departament News Nuno Santos awarded Seiva Trupe Prize

Nuno Santos awarded Seiva Trupe Prize

The theater company Seiva Trupe distinguishes every year Porto citizens with outstanding contributions to culture. Nuno Santos, researcher in CAUP and visiting professor of DFA, received the 2012 award in the area of Science.
Nuno Santos awarded Seiva Trupe Prize

Seiva Trupe Proze, 2012

The award, presented on 05 November, is intended "to distinguish those individuals who, through their work or their activities, have contributed more to the progress, dignity and prestige of the Arts, Sciences and Letters City Porto ".
In Humanities, Seiva Trupe  distinguished Fernando Guimarães, born in 1928, poet, translator and essayist. In the latter area, his work has been focused on issues of aesthetics and the evolution of Portuguese poetry in the last hundred years, including major movements such as Symbolism, the "Saudosismo" and Modernism. As a translator, Fernando Guimarães worked works of authors such as Lord Byron, John Keats and Dylan Thomas.

In the arts the prize was awarded João Machado, born in 1942, a designer  with a vast work, as author of posters, illustrations and as editorial designer. His work in the area of ​​culture, particularly in the  graphic design of  books and posters, as, for example, in the film festival Cinanima, already earned some international honors.

In the sciences the award was given to Nuno Cardoso Santos, born in 1974, astrophysicist, researcher at the Center for Astrophysics, Faculty of Science, University of Porto and responsible for the European consortium that is building a spectrograph intended to seek for Earth-like exoplanets (in other star systems). Recently, he was part of the team responsible for the discovery of a planet of mass similar to Earth, orbiting Alpha Centauri B, the closest star system to ours.

The names included in this tenth edition were chosen by a jury made up of university professors Eduardo Paz Barroso, Arnaldo Saraiva, Manuel António Reis and João Monte, and Antonio Reis representing Seiva, and then the choices were presented to a committee of journalists.

This award has been received, in  earlier editions, by, among others, Agustina Bessa Luís Álvaro Siza Vieira, António Coimbra, Corino de Andrade, Eugenio de Andrade, Ilse Losa, Sobrinho Simoes, Manoel de Oliveira, Manuel António Pina, Nuno Grande, Óscar Lopes and Pedro Burmester.

The delivery of the award, designed by the sculptor José Rodrigues, was made before the premiere of "Squash", the last show of Seiva Trupe, a play by Ernesto Caballero, staged by Julio Cardoso and Adriana Faria, Miguel Rosas and Paula Guedes in cast.

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