Entrada Departamento Notícias Presentations of the "Seminário" Project - PDA

Presentations of the "Seminário" Project - PDA

Topics addressed cover a wide range of exciting fields in Astrophysics, including exoplanet research, theoretical cosmology, stellar astrophysics, extra-galactic astronomy, and instrumentation/SW.

29th June, 14:00

Link to follow the presentations: Youtube public link: https://www.youtube.com/FCUPvideos/

14:00 - A Panchromatic View of the Physical Properties of Agn

Student: Abhishek Rajesh Chougule

Supervisors: Jean-Michel Gomes, Polychronis Papaderos

14:25 - A New Pipeline for Template Matching with Espresso

Student: André Silva

Supervisors: Nuno Santos, Sergio Sousa, Pedro Viana, Joao Faria

14:50 - Detecting the Atmosphere of Exoplanets Using High Resolution Espresso Spectra

Student: Eduardo Cristo

Supervisors:  Olivier Demangeon, Nuno Santos


15:15 - Primordial Black Holes as Topological-Defect Monopoles

Student: Issam Mohanna

Supervisors: Francisco Lobo


15:40 - Spectroscopic and Asteroseismic Characterization of TESS Solar-Type Stars in the Southern Hemisphere

Student: Thibault Boulet

Supervisors: Tiago Campante, Vardan Adibekyan


16:05 - Detection and Characterization of Planets Orbiting Epic 249910734

Student: Tomás de Azevedo Silva

Supervisors: Olivier Demangeon


16:30 - Modelling Stars with Mixed Modes

Student: Miguel Clara

Supervisors: Margarida Cunha, Tiago Campante, Pedro Avelino


Each student will have 10 minutes to present + 15 minutes for discussion

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