Entrada Departamento Notícias QuantumMatter@PT: 6th Quantum Colloquium - Aires Ferreira (Thursday 17h-18h)

QuantumMatter@PT: 6th Quantum Colloquium - Aires Ferreira (Thursday 17h-18h)

Greetings everyone,

We are glad to invite you all to take part on the 6th session of the Quantum Colloquium, promoted by the QuantumMatter@PT network. This time the webinar will be lectured by Prof. Aires Ferreira (University of York, United Kingdom) and it will be entitled "Spin-orbit coupling phenomena in van der Waals materials: perspectives from theory and experiment".

You are invited to participate this Thursday, 6th of May 2021, at the usual time (17h-18h). The session will take place in the zoom virtual meeting room:


With our best regards,
Miguel Gonçalves (IST) & João Pedro S. Pires (UP)

On behalf of the organisers:
Eduardo V. Castro (UP)
Pedro Ribeiro (IST)
Bruno Amorim (UM)
João Viana Lopes (UP)

Updated Info on the Activities of the QuantumMatter@PT are now available at the networks' website https://quantummatterpt.weebly.com/

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