Entrada Ensino Doutoramentos MAP-fis MAP-fis: 2019-20120

MAP-fis: 2019-20120

Application form for MAP-fis edition of 2019-2020

Please fill this application form to apply to the MAP-fis Doctoral Program 2019-20 

As part of this application you will be asked to upload:

  • Your CV;
  • copy of ID card or passport;
  • Copy of course transcripts with grades; certified copies will  be required at registration, upon acceptance of your application;
  • letter of intent.

You should also make sure that three letters of recommendation on your behalf are sent to


by the deadline for applications, September  15

For any questions or difficulties with this form contact us at


The applications are open until September 15

The conditions and criteria for admission and ranking of applicants are detailed in the Formal call for applications.

Following the results of the application, you will be required to do a formal registration at the academic services of your host University.

We will contact you with the necessary information.

Enter full name
If you were born in Portugal indicate your "freguesia" of birth. If not, leave blank
- -  
Names of father; mother
single, married,etc.
If you already have a Portuguese Fiscal Identification Number (NIF), enter it here. Otherwise leave it blank.
Academic Degrees [Graus Académicos]
Enter name and or Scientific Area of degree
University/School and Country of Undegraduate Degree
Enter in the form Value/Maximum; if your grade has been converted to Portuguese system (max 20) enter the converted grade.
Year of graduation
Name and /or area of Master Degree
University/School and country
Enter as value/maximum. If your grade has been converted to Portuguese system (max 20), enter the converted grade.
Year of MSc graduation
Upload section [carregamento de ficheiros]
Upload only pdf files; keep them size compatible with e-mail restrictions.
one file only
State your reasons for applying to MAP-fis and describe your scientific goals and projects.
Add any comments you wish concerning your application

Upon pressing the "Submit" button  you are declaring that:

  • You are applying for admission to the MAP-fis Doctoral Program;
  • the statements made in this application  form are truthful.