Entrada Ensino Doutoramentos MAP-fis MAP-fis Essays 2018-19

MAP-fis Essays 2018-19

In this page you register for the Essay evaluation  and submit your abstract and your written essay.

Your essay should be uploaded as a .pdf file. In a separate .doc file submit an abstract using this .doc template

You should complete your submission by September 23.

Essay evaluation takes place on October  4 ( Friday)  in Department of Physics and Astronomy  of the  University of Porto

The schedule of presentations will be mailed to you in due course.

Enter full name
Indicate your supervisor
Your Submission
In this section give the title of your presentation and upload your abstract and your essay report
Indicate title of your essay report
Indicate the area of your Work (Theoretical Physics, materials, Nanotechnology, Optics, etc.)
Upload a .doc file with your abstract using the form provided above.
Upload your essay report (limit 10 MB) If you cannot respect this limit contact fmartins@fc.up.pt

Upon pressing the "Submit" button  you will be registered for this event. You will later be notified by e-mail of the program.